Who Are We?

We started as litigation lawyers with a problem and now we’re a tech business with a solution.

To realise our ambition of creating an innovative and intelligent case management system we needed some big hitters, so we recruited the best engineers, developers, designers, and analysts to help realise our vision. Together we are LAWTEC.AI.

LAWTEC.AI is proud to offer bespoke, and off the shelf, software solutions that we believe will completely revolutionise the legal industry.

Using cutting edge technology, we have completely transformed the most difficult parts of the litigation process in a way that will enable law firms to scale their operations and maximise their profits, particularly those who specialise in high volume cases, such as financial mis-selling and personal injury claims.

To achieve this, we have harnessed intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) software that can scan documents, extract relevant data, and use algorithms to calculate the claim value in complex financial miss-selling cases. Our systems presently provide solutions for ‘Plevin’, ‘doorstop loan’, ‘PCP car finance’ and other financial miss-selling products. However, we are also developing scanning for medical and military records to support the personal injury sector. In these cases, we will provide a report on relevant entries, as well as information on what is not included in the records, based on current NHS and military protocols.

In terms of the end goal, we are currently working on an intelligent case management system called LUNA. In its first phase, LUNA will be a cloud-based, front-end, case funnel for new leads. Using A.I. phone handlers, with real-time transcription of client phone calls built-in, it will vet cases and sign up qualifying clients automatically.  Upon completion, LUNA will also offer a full case management and workflow-based system similar to existing products, the difference being that will integrate with modern systems and will be in keeping with a dynamic law firm.

Finally, we also are working on a range of other software solutions that we see as being key to the future technological landscape of the legal profession in the UK and most common law legal jurisdictions, including intelligent document management and post solutions, visual contracts, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.