Document Solutions

So, you’re scanning your documents and automatically calculating your claims, increasing efficiencies in your claim process but what about the rest of your post? We recommend outsourced digital mailroom services to drastically reduce your costs and speed up your administrative processes.

LAWTEC.AI Digital Mailroom Partners

Our recommended partners offer an outstanding, outsourced digital mailroom service for businesses throughout the UK, which includes:

  • Inbound mail sent to a PO Box
    • Documents opened and sorted by type
    • Returns processed
    • Cheques securely banked, by arrangement
    • Documents prepared for scanning, with paper clips and staples removed
    • Documents scanned using the latest technology
    • Digital files indexed as requested e.g. by case reference
    • Files uploaded to an on-line document management system
    • Documents sent to the correct person, by request
    • Physical documents retained for an agreed period
    • Documents later destroyed securely, to ensure data protection
    • Agreed processing times / Service Level Agreements

Why we recommend a digital mailroom?

Transferring to a digital mailroom can drastically reduce your firm’s manual handling costs, as well as allowing authorised employees to access electronic documents without moving from their desk.

By eliminating the administrative burden of processing your post, your business has the freedom to focus on more pressing business activities.

Our experienced partners take a personal approach when providing an outsourced mailroom solution, offering an initial consultation and full review of current mailroom processes.

Using their industry-leading mailroom services will increase the speed in which your documents are processed which in turn will improve the speed in which we can deliver your quantum reports.