Visual Contracts

We are currently building a bank of visual contracts for the most frequently used legal documents. We see this as the future of contract law and want to be at the forefront of this technology. Our goal is to build a visual contract tool where you can drop in an existing contract and it will be converted to a more appealing and easier to understand document. The contracts can either be used together, or the visual contract can replace the older written document entirely.

What is a visual contract and why do law firms need them?

Traditionally contracts have been written by lawyers for lawyers which makes it harder for members of the public to fully comprehend. Visual contracts break down complex information and use graphics to make it easier for customers, clients, users, or employees to understand. This can drastically improve communication and reduce the cost of conflict if customers or clients feel they weren’t adequately advised.

Are Visual Contracts Legally Binding?

Yes, a visual contract is legally binding. We co-create our visual contracts with legal experts that stand behind the drafted and designed content, so we can assure you to have a contract that fosters greater collaboration and generates results, as well being legally binding.

Who is the target of visual contracts?

Anyone and everyone. We’ve developed visual contracts for end users with low literacy levels, which we believe will have an important social impact as more firms adopt this approach. We’ve also designed visual contracts for complex commercial products, with a lot at stake, which we believe helps to speed up the process and makes for better outcomes.