Intelligent OCR Scanning

Law firms process vast amounts of electronic and paper documents including bank statements, financial documents, records, and disclosure generally.

LAWTEC.AI provides solutions for large scale litigation, where high volumes of similar documentation must be reviewed in each case. Using intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) scanning we can review disclosure, that would normally take a couple of hours within a couple of seconds, with accuracy.

How does it work?

Scanning, using Intelligent Optical Character Recognition software, allows us to convert documents into an editable format that can be easily processed. Using our Intelligent Case Assessment and Quantum Calculator algorithms, we can extract the relevant data and calculate the quantum based on a legal precedent, or a specified criteria, to assess the value and merits of a case at an early stage and without the need for human interaction. 

What type of documents can you scan?

PDF Files
Digital Camera Images
Scanned Documents
Handwritten notes/ letters

What type of claims have you used this for?

This market leading product lends itself to all legal products. However, in terms of our rollout we first trialled and have now perfected the system for financial mis-selling claims. We can accurately scan documents, extract data, and calculate the value of claims against all UK banks and financial lenders.

What are the benefits of using this software?

It’s fast

Scan complex documents in seconds

It’s effective

Accurately calculate claims

It’s reliable

Remove the element of human error

It’s efficient

No need for extra resources

It’s lucrative

Scale your business quickly