Case Management

We are developing a cloud based, intelligent, case management system that can called LUNA.

LUNA includes cutting edge case management systems that replicate the workflow of popular products but also incorporate a wide range of solutions that existing systems don’t offer, including A.I. telephoning and transcription services, to reduce human touch throughout the claims process. This frees up lawyers to concentrate on complex litigation and removes the need for low level back room and paralegal staff.

Key features in development include:

Full integration with lead generation platforms (Google and Facebook)

Modern and reliable client onboarding service

A.I. telephone and transcription features

Speech detection software that transfers calls to a human based on keywords

Multi-lingual capability

Text, WhatsApp, and full e-mail functionality

Streamlined workflow and case management processes

IOCR software to review documents using A.I. within the system

Offsite incoming and outgoing post to assist remote working

Updates and upgrades pushed out to the system in real time

Bespoke functionality can be developed